Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Adding Value to Recruitment

In 2014, the economies of the Middle East are growing at a healthy pace which is supported, in part, by increased government investment in regional infrastructure, as well as by the influx of new international companies into the region.

The Middle East is only set to gain greater international prominence when the UAE hosts the World Expo 2020, with 17.5 million visitors expected to attend in a fitting celebration of its theme: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. All this development and innovation has inspired renewed confidence and growth in the job market for experienced professionals, particularly in the UAE.
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The Ethics of Offshoring

Much is written in the media about the ‘slave wages’ and sweat shops of Asia. This concept is outdated and virtually irrelevant when it comes to skilled ‘white collar’ roles offshore.

When it comes to offshore labour, there are two key ethical concepts that tend to concern both Australian employers and the public generally: the ethics of working conditions, and the ethics of low wages.
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Philippines’ Rise as Call-Center Nation Lures Expats Home

Having grown up poor, Denise Sese found herself still mired in debt. It was 2009. A college dropout and one-time cashier at a Jollibee Foods Corp. fast-food outlet in Manila, she was out of a job.

At a Manila mall one day, she spotted a booth advertising a free call-center training program. She signed up and eventually landed a job, Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its November issue.
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All grown up: the rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Use of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions continues to rise with record deals providing significant growth for the market. For many buyers with more than 5,000 employees, appetite to transfer ownership of all or part of the recruitment process is growing as the RPO market matures, the benefits of outsourcing are accepted, and successful implementations increase in number.

Staffing firms have been quick to offer RPO solutions with an estimated 36 percent offering RPO as opposed to only 25 percent for manages services. Further, staffing firms and specialist RPO service providers have identified an increased demand for talent sourcing and recruiting solutions globally. This has fuelled mergers and acquisitions and a talent war for RPO professionals with successful delivery track records.
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India claws back BPO business from arch rival Philippines

Summary: India has watched a large exodus of BPO business to the Philippines thanks to the country’s more employable youth who are equipped with fluent English and perfect American accents. Now, however, companies are beginning to migrate back due to a greater need for integrated tech services

Today, technology is the great enabler for pretty much every kind of business proposition being schemed. However everyone is more or less also aware of how brutal the rapidly evolving world of technology can be on the fate of existing businesses—something I wrote about here when looking at the future of Xerox through the lens of the diverging fortunes of Kodak and Fuji. In India, the trajectory of former phone tzar and India’s most beloved handset maker Nokia illustrates this example more poignantly than any other company. But for an entire industry to go up in smoke almost overnight is surreal – and that’s exactly what seems to have happened to India’s Business Process Outsourcing Industry, especially its voice based businesses.
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Outsourcing the Finance Function – Smart Bet or Risky Business?

For years, small- to medium-sized companies have outsourced specific niche functions of their businesses, such as tax preparation, legal assistance, financial portfolio management and actuarial services. Today, more and more companies are outsourcing core functions, such as accounting/finance transactional services such as Accounts payable, IT, payroll and HR, so they can shift time, money and other resources to strategic business activities, instead of focusing on administrative functions.
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